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Techmar Oak 12V Garden Post Light Bundle - 5 Light Kit

The Techmar Oak is a great little stainless steel post light at a great price. While other retailers try to keep the price of this light down by including a plug transformer which can only be used indoors. Our bundle includes a proper outdoor transformer. (See below for details).

Easily extend this five light kit by adding more lights and cable.

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£ 175.58 inc vat

  • Include Remote & Reciever
  • Don't Include Remote & Reciever
  • Include Timer / Sensor
  • Don't Include Timer / Sensor
  • 60W Transformer
  • 150W Transformer
  • No Upgrade

Technical Specifications

Techmar Oak LED 12V Plug & Play Garden Post Lights

Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Stainless Steel
Dimension (HxW): 200 mm x 48 mm (not including stake)
Cable: 1 meter SPT-1 plus connector
Light Source Included: 12V 1W Warm White (35 Lumen)
IP Class: IP44 suited for outdoor use
Mounting Type: Ground spike, Mounting base

We recommend cleaning all stainless steel fittings with a suitable cleaner twice yearly in order to keep them looking as good as new. This will help get rid of any discoloration and protect it for the future.

5 Light Bundle Contains

  • 5 x Oak 1w led post lights
  • 1 x 15m mains lead with 6 connectors (SPT1)
  • 1 x Standard Outdoor 42w transformer

Although Everything You Need Is Included

We have also included the options to include a timer sensor and / or a remote and receiver. These switching devices are very popular and add extra functionality to your garden lighting system. For more information, please click the links below.

Timer / Sensor REMOTE & RECEIVER Smart Switch

Mains Lead Configurations

The cables have preformed sockets at set distances (as shown below). Extra cables can be purchased from our cables section to suit your lighting requirements. Cables simply "Daisy Chain" connecting end to end. Please note that when adding cables, one socket will be used, effectively reducing the available sockets.


15M Mains Lead (SPT1)

Maximum load 120W - Recommended max length 80m

We Don't Sell The Standard Oak Kits

At the garden light shop we don't sell the standard out of the box Oak kit. The normal kit comes with a 22w Techmar transformer plug rather then the standard outdoor Techmar 24w transformer we supply with our bundle at no extra cost.

So Why Is That A Problem?

The issue is that when you use a transformer plug in an outdoor socket, you can't shut the lid retaining the integrity and more importantly the IP rating of your socket. Basically it's about as useful (unless you plan to plug your garden lighting into an indoor wall socket) as a chocolate teapot.

By replacing it with a standard Techmar 24w transformer you can plug our bundle in anywhere that you like. Making it the same as every other bundle we supply.

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