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Deluxe SPT-2 Flex Cable - 50mtrs

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Deluxe SPT-2 Cable - 50mtrs

This SPT-2 cable is part of our new deluxe cabling system, it's a plain cable system allowing you to have complete flexibility when positioning your lights. All you need to do is run the cable around the garden and simply clamp on a female connector wherever you would like to connect a light, you aren't restricted by the positioning of the sockets as there aren't any. The cable measures approx 8mm x 4mm and is 16AWG 

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The NEW SPT-2 flex plain cable system is exclusive to us in the UK. It is even easier to install as you do not need to worry about the fixed light connections as you do on the standard cables. It will easily pull through small ducting as there are no moulded connectors to get in the way. This system will carry a maximum loading of 150 watts and will run a 60-80mtr on average without suffering any Volt Drop.

The cable measures 8mm x 4mm and sits between the SPT-1 and SPT-3 cable size. The deluxe SPT-2 plain cable system comprises of 10mtr, 25mtr and 50mtr cable drum sizes, plus female and male connectors. It is fully compatible with the entire range of Techmar lights, transformers and accessories. You will need to purchase a female connector for every light you need on the system. 

This 50mtr pack comes with 1 x male connector already positioned at the beginning allowing you to plug this directly into the transformer or any switching device. As this is a plain cable, it doesn't have a female plug at the opposite end. You will need a female connector for every light and to join any additional cables. If you're having trouble applying the clamp connectors, click here for our instruction video.

Each cable pack comes with end caps to cap off the end of the cable run to make if weatherproof.  More caps are available here

Please note: If you are wishing to join 2 deluxe cables together you will need either a female connector or a male + female connector to do this.

Category Deluxe Plain Cables & Accs Brand Techmar Reference 6281011

All Techmar Garden Lighting systems from 1st April 2023 come with a 5 year warranty providing a complete Techmar system is installed. Prior to the 1st April the warranty is 3 years for a complete Techmar system.

The only exclusion to this is the Linea 1 fairy light strings, model 7510012-a that have a 1 year warranty. A complete Lightpro system purchased after 1st April 2023 has a 6 year warranty, all complete systems prior to this have a 5 year warranty. Techmar Garden Lights & Lightpro warranties include transformers, Light fittings, cables, switches and LED light sources.

All other Non Techmar and Lightpro products come with a standard 12 month warranty, all garden leisure lines have a 6 months warranty. . Lights are NOT warrantied for use in coastal regions, although plastic based lights will perform well.

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