Smart Lights, Smart LED’s and Smart Switch

Many people are now looking for Smart controls around the home; not only is it very convenient to be able to control key functions around your home, but it also helps us all feel safer. We can now appear to be at home even though we may be sunning ourselves on the beach hundreds of miles away. Techmar have been working hard on a range of Smart lights to compliment the Smart switch, that was introduced earlier this year, and finally the range has arrived. The Smart switch has produced very strong sales since the launch in January 2020 and we have high hopes for the Smart lighting range that is now available.

We know that new technology can be confusing to the majority of us, so we have decided to produce this guide with the hope it will help answer any questions and let you know the benefits of going Smart. We know it isn’t for everyone, but if it is of interest to you and you would like to know more, read on.

First Things First

The entire Smart range works off Bluetooth and not Wi-Fi. This is done from your smart phone or tablet via a free to download app available in the Apple store and Google store. A quick account set up is all that’s needed, and you will get free updates as an when they are released. You will never pay for the app or future updates. Your Bluetooth does need to be switched on to set up the lights and to manually switch them on or off. They also need to be powered on via the transformer for them to work. Once you set up a timer on the app, it stores it on the Smart device. Therefore, if you are not at home, your lights will behave exactly how you have set them up.

Smart Switch 6269011

This is a different switching device to the existing Timer Sensor or Remote/Receiver that is within the range. The Smart switch allows you to set up numerous timers, it also has a dusk to dawn setting and allows manual on/off switching via the app. It is however like all the switches in the Garden Lights range, in as far as it will only control the lights connected in the circuit after the switch. The Smart switch will need to be constantly powered by the transformer to allow the Smart switch to work. You can start to set up different Zones and Scenes using the more than one Smart switch.

Zones - This is a particular area that you are lighting. Examples of zones include border spotlights, seating area post lights or pond lighting. You can name each zone so it makes sense to you on the app.

Scenes - This is where you can group zones together to create a Scene. This could be something like adding the border lights and seating area lights together and having them on a timer to come on 6pm until 11pm all week. Many different scenes can be created and in a full smart system you will even be able to control the brightness of them. You could have another scene that switches on the pond lighting Saturday and Sunday between 6pm until 8pm or you could set up a Holiday scene that you switch on whilst you are away for that added security.

A timer can be set up for every day of the week, weekdays or just weekends. You could set one up for every month of the year to switch the lights on at just the right time for that month and switch off at 10.30pm. The options are vast. Most people will use one Smart switch plugged directly into the transformer to control all the lights in the system. Others will want to use several Smart switches to control different zones or areas within the garden. Each zone will require a separate smart switch and have a live 12v feed directly from the transformer if you want total control, we can help you with all this.

Smart MR16 LED

This will be great for all existing Techmar system users. You will be able to retrofit the Smart LED in lots of Techmar’s most popular lights (see the list of lights on the product page) within your system. It will then allow you to select different shades of whites, many different vibrant colours and dim the smart LED to suit all through the Garden Lights app. Using the app will also allow you to group several Smart LED’s together. For example, you may have 2 x Gilvus wall lights on your patio and you want them both the same colour and at the same light level/brightness. Well you can do all this on the app and it’s just as easy to control both as it is to control them individually. The system needs to switched on for you to program and adjust the Smart LED.

Smart Lights

These are available in all the best sellers within Techmar’s Garden Lights range. The massive selling Focus is now also Smart, along with the Arcus, Arco 40, Gilvus and Rubum. Early 2021 will see a Smart Deimos added to the range. All these lights have the Smart functionality and spec of the Smart LED, but the complete fitting comes with the LED already fitted so it’s all set and ready to go straight out of the box.

What can you do with Smart Lighting?

A complete Smart system

If you want a new complete Smart lighting system you will need to select the correct size transformer, cables and the lights of your choice. You will then be able to control each light independently of each other and group them together in various zones and scenes. With a complete Smart system you also have the option to add timers to the lights. The timer function will not work in conjunction with any of the other Techmar switching options and the transformer will need to be continually powered for the full benefits of having a Smart system.

Existing or part Smart system

If you are adding in some Smart lights or LEDs into your new system or existing system, you can continue to control the system via your existing Techmar switches such as the Timer Sensor, Remote Receiver or Motion Senor. However, please be aware you will not be able to use the Smart timer via the app, just control colours and brightness.

This great new range is available from mid October 2020, click here for the full range!