Techmar Lighting Brochure

Techmar Garden Lighting Brochure

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The Techmar 12V Garden Lighting System

If your looking to install your own 12v garden lighting, this Techmar system is in our view is the best on the market. It is incredibly simple to install and has over 60 reasonably priced lights to choose from. These include LED spotlights, post lights, uplights, decking lights, decorative feature lighting and submersible underwater lighting for your ponds and water features. There also switches that can turn your lights on when it gets dark, via remote or by movement.

Everything simply plugs together using preformed cables for a complete low voltage plug & play solution. No wiring required!

Techmar 12V Garden Lighting System

12 Volt Low Voltage - Simple & Safe

The Techmar garden lighting system is 12V low voltage lighting designed to guarantee your safety and that of your children and pets.

12 Volt (low voltage) is considered to be safe by European guide lines. Improved technology has now allowed 12 Volt lighting to provide sufficient light output to illuminate gardens and create ambient and atmospheric light effects.

The safety and simplicity of this lighting system makes it possible for anyone to install Techmar garden lighting themselves. The complete systems, from transformer to the fitting itself, is manufactured with watertight screw connectors so no tools will be necessary during installation. The assembly of the lamps themeselves may require a screwdriver. Garden Lights are suitable for installation in both existing and new-build or renovated gardens.

Plug & Play Garden Lighting

Plug & play means everything simply plugs together with no wiring. Simple to install and easy to illuminate. The Garden Lights product range offers you a series of lighting products that can be easily and safely installed by everybody, without the need or extra expense of an electrician.

Each lamp is supplied with either 1, 1.5 or 2 meters of cable with a watertight screw connector, which fits the connectors to the main cable. It won’t any get easier! All cables and transformers are supplied with these easy to use, watertight screw connectors as well.

Plug & Play has many advantages over permanently fixed lighting as it allows for your garden lighting to be moved as your garden matures. There are different lamp options for some lights allowing to select brighter lamps or even coloured lamps. This gives you more scope for lighting different types of planting and features.

Garden Lighting LED Technology

The Techmar system was originally a mixture of LED and halogen lighting. As LED technology has progressed, the range (as you would expect) is now completely LED. The sharp eyed will note, that their is one Techmar light that is still halogen. This is has been kept for legacy. Allowing people who have the old types of lighting to add more without replacing all of their lamps with LED.

New technologies and production techniques have now resulted in LED’s that are more powerful and versatile, making new applications possible. You can find them in cellular phones, traffic lights and in the rear brake lights in cars and various lighting applications including home and office lighting as well as garden lighting.

The big advantages of LED’s are their extremely low energy consumption and the long life expectancy. A LED is also shock proof, runs far cooler than conventional lamps but can still be changed as easily (with a few exceptions) Lighting fitted with our LED’s are extremely well suited for ambient and mood lighting applications.