Ludeco Garden Lighting Bundles

We have sourced some great value Ludeco light bundles for you. They are among the cheapest kits we have seen in the market and include a 12w transformer (can be upgraded to a 24w version), cable and lights. You can add on more lights up to the transformer maximum loading of either 12w or 24w. All the Ludeco lights come with a built in connector that allows you to clamp it onto the main cable anywhere you want the light to go. All LED technology means very low power consumption, but bright light output. Maximum main cable distance 50mtr. We have added for sale extra lights and cable, just in case you want to expand. Also, you can add other lights from the Ludeco range providing you stay within the transformer max loading. 

The Ludeco range has a 2 year warranty providing a complete Ludeco system is used, i.e transformer, cables and lights. 

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