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List of products by manufacturer Claber

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  • £ 5.59 inc vat

    The Claber 0-6 l/h in-line drippers deliver water to an individual plant, drop after drop, with extreme precision. Easily adjustable for all your irrigation needs, it fits perfectly without leaking water onto the feeding hose, simply by pushing it in. Pack of 10 Quality and durability Push fittings Laboratory tested

    £ 5.59 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 4.00 inc vat

    Claber 1/4" support stakes makes keeping your irrigation tubes neat and tidy without causing any damage to plants or grass. Quality and durability Perfectly watertight Easy Installation

    £ 4.00 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 3.52 inc vat

    The Claber 1/4" tee has a new ergonomic design. The tee piece is simply used to create T-shaped branches, joining 3 pieces of feeding hose together. Easy to use and perfectly watertight with no leakage. Pack of 10 Quality and durability Perfectly watertight Easy Installation

    £ 3.52 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 22.03 inc vat

    The easy to install Claber 20 dripper starter kit includes a tap connector, flexible hose, couplings, pressure stabiliser, and adjustable drippers. Everything you need to easily create a drip system for potted plants without using any tools, adjusting the amount of water delivered to each individual plant. quality and durability push fittings...

    £ 22.03 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 70.00 inc vat

    The Aquadue Duplo® Evolution timer from Claber is the first ever two-way water timer on the market. The wide LCD screens makes programming on one or two lines easy, with irrigation times from 1 minute to 23 hours and 59 minutes. With up to three irrigations a day. Shock proof & weather resistant programming from one minute to 23 hours and 59 minutes...

    £ 70.00 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 28.79 inc vat

    The Aquauno Logica timer from Claber controls your water irrigation with the turn of of a dial. Simply set the knob to select one of the preset programs. All of the programs are summarised on the cover for ease of use. Shock proof & weather resistant Instructions on cover Program in progress indicator light

    £ 28.79 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 24.69 inc vat

    The Aquauno Practico timer from Claber is one of the simplest ways of controlling your water irrigation. The easy to program timer consists of two buttons. Click the green one to start your watering, then press the red on to stop it. Your timer will now switch your water on and off the same period every day. Weather resistant Instructions on cover...

    £ 24.69 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 40.50 inc vat

    The Aquauno Logica timer from Claber controls your water irrigation with the turn of two dials. Simply set the first dial to the frequency and the second dial to the time for your own customised irrigation program. Shock proof & weather resistant Superb versatility

    £ 40.50 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 8.46 inc vat

    Claber 1/4" feeding tube supplies water from the main hose to micro sprinklers and drippers. The tube is manufactured from a resistant, durable material that can easily be cut to size with ordinary scissors. 1/4" tube Algae resistant Quality and durability Maximum flexibility Easy to use

    £ 8.46 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 2.16 inc vat

    Claber hole plugs are designed to either block the end of a 1/4" tube of a hole within 1/2" tube which is no longer required. The ergonomic design is easy to grip and provides a watertight seal with no leakage. Quality and durability Perfectly watertight Easy Installation

    £ 2.16 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 59.14 inc vat

    The Orto Drip Kit from Claber is a complete solution to set up a drip irrigation system in your vegetable garden. Everything is included: main tube, feeding hoses, adjustable drippers and accessories. The system can be connected to an battery-operated Claber timer and is expandable over time using products in the Rain Jet line.  DIY Water upto 50...

    £ 59.14 inc vat
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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items