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Bring your garden to life with the new Garden Lights Plus smart lights! Transform your garden into a vision of colour or configure the lights to switch on automatically when it gets dark. You decide with the Garden Lights Plus app! With Techmar Smart Garden Lighting you can easily control your garden lights direct from your smart phone!

What can our plus lights do?

Our Plus lights go beyond the Switch. Not only can you set different timers and create a range of zones, but our smart lights can also be controlled independently. Determine the garden’s ambience with the RGB and warm white colour wheels. Is the light a touch too bright? Just dim the lights with the app.
The best thing about plus lights is the infinite range of moods and atmospheres you can create. Want to make sure there’s a clear view around the front door/driveway? Set the lights to white and a brighter setting. Fancy a cosier ambience around the terrace? Dim the lights and set them to warm white. Even a party takes no time to throw together. Just assign each light a colour and let the festivities begin!

For more information you can either click here and take a look at a our blog or click here for the Techmar website.

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