Garden Wall Lighting 12v

Our range of Techmar LED plug & play garden wall outdoor lights are extremely easy to DIY fit yourself onto outdoor walls and fences. The lights themselves come in a range of traditional designs like the Callisto wall light as well as contemporary designs to suit any outdoor space. Some wall lighting in the range is multifunctional such as spotlights and the Nano Light which can even be used as wall light or spotlight, spiked into soil.

Outdoor Wall Lights and Property Exterior Lighting Systems

If you'd like to illuminate a building, wall, or property with an outdoor lighting system and don't know which bundle to choose, give us a call on 01276 903228 or send a message online now - Let's chat online. We offer a FREE customised service to hand pick a wall lighting starter kit with absolutely everything you need to plug and play. Also when we chat, you can ask as many questions as you like as a complete beginner or a landscaper with a client requiring professional, large scale advice for event lighting and how to apply for a trade account.

Garden Wall Lighting Is Easy To Retro Fit  - UK Techmar Stockist

Most outdoor wall lighting needs a considered effort to install. Techmar wall light and in fact he whole system, has been designed to add to a completed garden. This means that walls don't have to be channelled out or expensive wiring looms created. Simply put your wall light in position, plug in the cable and transformer and simply plug into an outdoor (or indoor) 3 pin socket. Simple. The addition of a Techmar Timer Sensor unit will even allow your lights to come on when it gets dark and stay on for a set amount of time or until dusk.

To view examples of how to fit the system most products have accompanying videos we have created to help. All our lighting videos can be viewed in one place here.

Techmar Low Voltage Garden Lights

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