12v Garden Post Lights

Techmar garden post lights and bollard lights offer durable effective all year outdoor lighting. Whether you are looking to illuminate your driveway, pathways or plant borders, there are a number of contemporary and modern LED post light styles to choose from. There are also a number of finishes available with everything from modern stainless post lights, stone effect bollard lights and pedestal options catered for.

All the garden post lights in the Techmar range are safe, easy to install, 12V plug and play. The beauty of having plug and play garden post lighting is that it can easily be moved or even changed to a taller model as your garden matures over time. Some of the range such as the Phobos has a matching taller version. Allowing you to design a matching scheme. The Techmar system simply plugs together using lights wihich plug into cables with premoulded sockets, which simply then plug into a transformer and 3 pin plug socket. The socket can be indoors or outside.

Choosing The Height Of Your Garden Post Lights

The garden bollard and post lights range from 160mm to 1020mm in height. Obviously different heights cater for the different lighting solutions you are looking to achieve. We have produced a garden post light height comparison guide to help. So if you are looking for very short bollards or extremely tall posts, you will quickly be able to find the solution you are looking for.

Techmar Low Voltage Garden Lights

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