Techmar Alpha Light Bundles (Kits)

The Alpha deck light bundles (kits) are available in three colours (warm white, white and blue) and are very easy to install. The lights simply "daisy chain" with one light conecting to the previous.

Everything is low voltage (12V) and completely safe to install without any electrical knowledge. Everything is plug & play so simply plugs together to make a professional garden lighting scheme. The transformer comes with a standard 3 pin plug, that can be plugged in outdoors or indoors if you prefer.

Alpha Deck Lights Connect To Each Other

Alpha deck lights simply connect to each other creating an easy solution to light the edge of your decking. Cap the last light off or continue with more lighting from this point.

You Can Add More Garden Lights

The Alpha deck light bundle can either be used as a starter kit or as a complete garden scheme. If at any time you wish to add more garden lights, simply order more lights and any extra cable you need. Please note that if in the future you are planning to add extra lights, it is worth upgrading your transformer to give you plenty of capacity to do so.

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