Techmar Focus Light Bundles (Kits)

The Focus spotlight is the biggest selling light in the whole of the garden lighting range. This is mainly due to it's versatility. The larger body allows the opportunity of using higher wattage lamps without overheating as well as options in colour and rgb. The Focus also gives a better spread of light then smaller spotlights like the Minus and Alder which is perfect if your planning to light large plants or trees.

The system is 12V so can be safely installed by anyone and is safe for your families and pets.

Focus Spotlights Can Be Spiked

Focus spotlights come with both a spike and mounting plate so you can easily install them in soil or to a solid base like wood or concrete. The light should never be installed upside down though as water ingress will occur through the base of the light.

You Can Add More Garden Lights

The Focus spotlight bundles (kits) have everything you need to install lighting in your garden. It can be used as a starter kit, as the Techmar 'Garden Lights' system is extremely easy to extend or even as a complete lighting solution.If you are planning on adding more garden lights int he future, please consider upgrading the transformer where necessary to give you plenty of extra capacity for use later on.

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