Techmar Alder Light Bundles (Kits)

The Alder spotlight is incredibly popular as an individual garden light as well as a bundle (kit). All our kits have everything you need to install your own garden lights. All the lighting is plug & play so simply plugs together. The whole system plugs into a standard 3 pin plug socket. 12V is completely safe to install yourself as well as being safe for your family and pets.

Alder Spotlights Can Be Spiked

Alder spotlights come with both a spike and mounting plate so you can easily install them in soil or to a solid base like wood or concrete. The Alder is very versatile. Due to its size and unobtrusive nature it's a great spotlight for planters and tubs while still being powerful enough to light larger border plants.

You Can Add More Garden Lights

The Alder spotlight bundle can either be used as a starter kit or as a complete garden scheme. If at any time you wish to add more garden lights, simply order more lights and any extra cable you need. Please note that if in the future you are planning to add extra lights, it is worth upgrading your transformer to give you plenty of capacity to do so.

Techmar Alder Garden Lighting Kits

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