Techmar Lighting Brochure

Techmar Garden Lighting Brochure

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Receivers & Sensors There are 7 products.

Make your garden lighting remote control with Techmar Receivers and sensors. Everything in this range is designed to help control your lighting whether it be by movement, automatically or via remote. All the Techmar sensors and receivers plug in to the system in exactl the same way as everything else in the system.

Techmar Remote & Receiver

Add some more WOW factor by wirelessly switching on individual garden lights, or areas of your garden. Lots of scope to be able to really control your garden lights from a remote control.

Techmar Timer / Sensor

Switch your lights on automatically when it gets dark with the Techmar timer sensor. The timer can be set to stay on for up to 8 hours once on or alternatively the unit will turn the lights back off when it gets light.

Techmar Motion Sensor

Automatically switch on your lights when movement is detected. Great for use with lighting around garden bins and other areas where you may not want lights to be on permanently.

Techmar Low Voltage Garden Lights
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  • £ 22.52 inc vat

    The Techmar dusk to dawn timer sensor is simply brilliant and a must have for any Techmar system.The dusk to dawn is a switch that automatically turns your lights on when it gets dark and keeps them on from 1-9 hours. The unit simply plugs into the system and is very easy to set up. Your transformer needs at least 1 watts spare capacity to run this. Must...

    £ 22.52 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 38.99 inc vat

    Add some more WOW factor by wirelessly switching on your garden lights, or just certain areas. Lots of scope to be able to really control your garden lights from a remote control. Contains Remote + Receiver Turn your lights on with a stylish remote control Max 150w & 40 mtr range 9 Channels - see product code 6149011 for more receiversNB. Batteries...

    £ 38.99 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 22.91 inc vat

    ReceiverAllows you to wirelessly switch different zones of your garden lighting with a stylish remote Works with product code 6148011NB. Must be used in conjunction with the remote/receiver kit 6148011

    £ 22.91 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 29.08 inc vat

    Techmar 12V Motion Sensor Turns on automatically when approaching the detection area Detection area, horizontal 90° and vertical 45° up to 5m Adjustable switching time: 20 sec, 1 min or 5 min Not recommended in combination with timer and / or remote Wall mounting and ground spike included

    £ 29.08 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 86.56 inc vat

    Control your outdoor lighting from your tablet or phone!!The WiFi controlled fused spur from Timeguard allows you switching control from your favourite Android & IOS phones and tablets via their free app. The WiFi spur will have to be installed by a qualified electrician but if you are already getting an electrician to install an outdoor socket for you,...

    £ 86.56 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 20.64 inc vat

    The ENER-J WiFi smart plug is suitable for controlling any electric appliance via a smart phone.Many customers have asked if it's possible to control their garden lighting via their smart phone or as part of their home automation. While really only a true solution for people who plug their lights indoors. The ENER-J WiFi smart plug is a neat solution that...

    £ 20.64 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 38.34 inc vat

    Control mutiple electronics individually as well as together via your smart phone or Amazon Alexa

    £ 38.34 inc vat
    In stock
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