Arco 60 Deluxe Bundles (Kits)

Arco 60 Deluxe Bundles

The Arco 60 post lights kits are very modern, perfect for the most contemporary garden. The Arco is available in two sizes, these kits are made up of the the taller lights at 570mm high. If you would like the smaller version, Arco 40 Post Light Kits are also available. Arco 60 post lights come with a three spike system which aids in them staying straight in soil and a mounting plate for fixing to a solid base like wood or concrete. Where ever you put them, the Arco postlights always look great.

Over the last couple of years we have listened to the feedback from our customers and created some deluxe bundles that tick all the boxes. These bundles  were put together based on our best selling standard bundles, but with lots of added features that will make installation even quicker and easier. Now with plain heavy duty cable, so you just clamp on a socket where you want a light to go... So easy. 

We appreciate that not everyone wants a 5 or 10 light bundle so we are more than happy to make up bespoke Deluxe Bundles to suit your needs. Whether it is longer cable, different mix of lights, smaller transformer etc, we can help. Please call us on 0208 326 0140 or email us on

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