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Garden Spotlights There are 17 products.

Techmar plug and play 12v garden spotlights are easy to install. The fact they are plug and play means that they can be easily moved around your garden as it grows and matures.

Garden spotlights are perfect for lighting foliage and outdoor features

The garden spotlights range offers you a series of outdoor lighting products, to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you are looking for our entry led garden spotlights, like the Alder Spotlight or the heavy weight Arigo stainless steel spotlight fitting, we have it all covered. With a wide range of pricing and styles, you are sure to find the perfect product for your outdoor lighting situation.

Why choose led for your garden spot lights?

All the garden spot lights in the range have a energy saving led version available. This allows you to fit multiple outdoor lights on one transformer. Low energy, high output and virtually maintenance free, what more you you want. Most of the garden spot lights 12v range will also take the new colour changing RGB led bulb that can create all manor of different colour effects in the garden.

Techmar Low Voltage Garden Lights
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  • £ 26.30 inc vat

    The Apollo spotlight is the silver version of the most popular light in the whole Techmar range, the Focus. NB: No longer available

    £ 26.30 inc vat
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  • £ 16.58 inc vat

    The Techmar Alder spotlight is one of the most popular and smallest led garden lights in the whole range. It's size makes it perfect for planters and pots while still being bright enough to be used in borders. If your looking for a small robust all round spotlight, the Alder would certainly be a light worth considering.

    £ 16.58 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 25.57 inc vat

    The Focus spotlight is the most popular light in the whole of the Techmar range. The Focus is a great ground spotlight, perfect for lighting planting in borders. While small, the higher wattage lamps (bulbs) have enough power to light, larger bushes, trees and garden features.

    £ 25.57 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 29.95 inc vat

    Bring a splash of colour to your garden with our new Focus Verona 7W colour spotlight. Available in green, red, blue and amber, these spotlights are a great alternative to using an rgb lamp if you are only interested in a static colour. The Verona spotlight head is easily adjustable through 120 degrees with the use of a screw driver.  Awaiting delivery,...

    £ 29.95 inc vat
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  • £ 34.50 inc vat

    The Techmar Corvus spotlight is one of the biggest lights in the whole of the spotlight range. As with everything in the Techmar system, the Corvus is extremely easy and quick to install. No electrical experience is required as everything is plug and play.

    £ 34.50 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 46.10 inc vat

    The Techmar Arcus garden spotlight with it's stylish looks and die cast aluminium construction would look great in any garden. Although as with all Techmar spotlights in the range, the light can be used in borders to light planting and garden features. Due to the styling of the Arcus, it really excels as being a downlight in areas of the garden where the...

    £ 46.10 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 31.95 inc vat

    The Catalpa is Techmars lowest priced stainless steel led garden spotlight and comes complete with a 3 Watt LED bulb, spike and 1mtr of cable and plug. The Catalpa can happily be wall mounted, ground mounted and spike mounted in flower borders. If you are looking for something that looks good but a little cheaper than the heavy weight Arigo fitting, this...

    £ 31.95 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 29.70 inc vat

    The Techmar Lapis rock light is by far Techmars best selling underwater light. It is very popular, as you would expect, as a light for ponds and water features as well as a freestanding spotlight.There are very few freestanding lights in the Techmar range as most need to be spiked or mounted. This makes the Lapis ideal for patios and other areas where...

    £ 29.70 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 35.27 inc vat

    The Techmar Cylon garden light, due to the fact it is freestanding, is perfect for any areas of your garden where it isn't possible to use a light with a spike or you would rather not permanently install a light using a mounting bracket. Due to this the Cylon garden light is very popular for use with potted plants on decking and patios.

    £ 35.27 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 20.50 inc vat

    Adjustable neck for lockable positioning through 180 degree. Our fastest and best selling light! Why not use a 3W or 5W LED bulb for high power, low running costs and impressive bulb life. NB. Please see caution note below. To preserve the 3 year warranty on our system, you must use the LED bulbs we supply as these have been fully tested and therefore...

    £ 20.50 inc vat
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  • £ 59.98 inc vat

    The Techmar Arigo 3W LED garden spot light is a very popular spot light in the range and rightly so. Not only has it got a beautiful quality solid stainless steel design but it is IP68 rated. This means that it literally can be used in any position as well as underwater to 0.50m depth.

    £ 59.98 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 54.95 inc vat

    The Protego spotlight from Techmar is a real all rounder. It's IP68 rating means that it can be used not only in the garden but also in water features and ponds.

    £ 54.95 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 33.99 inc vat

    The Techmar Minus spotlight is the small version of the Elatus post spotlight. With their stylish gun metal finish, these lights are probably two of best looking lights in the whole Techmar range. The Minus LED spotlight is easy to adjust to any angle and can either be spiked or to solid bases via it's mounting base. Due to it's size this is a perfect...

    £ 33.99 inc vat
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  • £ 38.08 inc vat

    The Techmar Elatus spotlight is the post version of the Minus spotlight. With their stylish gun metal finish, these lights are probably two of best looking lights in the whole Techmar range. The Elatus LED spotlight is easy to adjust to any angle and can either be spiked or secured to decking or concrete etc via it's mounting base which is included.

    £ 38.08 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 36.95 inc vat

    The Etu can either be used as a ground spotlight or wall light. It's modern effortless design would suit any contemporary garden.

    £ 36.95 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 38.02 -20% £ 30.41 inc vat

    The Galileo is a stainless steel spotlight that can be either ground mounted or spiked as well as wall mounted.The angle of the spotlight can easily be adjust with an allen key (included).The light also has a post light version called the Indigo, see below for details.

    £ 38.02 -20% £ 30.41 inc vat
    In stock
  • £ 7.80 £ 6.00 inc vat

    We recommend cleaning our stainless steel fittings twice yearly with a suitable cleaner, so in order to help you out we have put together our very own stainless steel cleaning kit. The kit comes with a 50ml tube of polish and 2 cloths; one for applying and one for buffing. This brilliant little kit will help you remove any discolouring and protect your...

    £ 7.80 £ 6.00 inc vat
    Reduced price!
    In stock
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