Standard Main Cables & Accs

Standard main cables are a great way to quickly get the cables around your garden. They all come with moulded connectors (cannot be moved or adjusted) that allow you to plug your light into or perhaps an extension cable or 3 way splitter. They come in lengths ranging from 8mtrs to 15mtrs and are generally the cheapest option. If you have to pull these cables through ducting, we recommend a internal clearance of approximately 40mm to allow the moulded connectors to pull through. Standard main cables come in SPT1 and SPT3 size, it is recommended that you use the SPT3 size on longer systems of over 40mtr in length. SPT1 will carry a maximum loading of 120w, while the larger SPT3 size will take 150w, but lets be honest that is a lot of LED's 

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