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The NEW SPT2 plain cable system is exclusive to us in the UK. It is even more simple to install as you do not need to worry about the fixed light connections as you do on the standard cables. It will easily pull through small ducting as there are no moulded connectors to get in the way. This system will carry a maximum loading of 150 watts and will run a 60-80mtr on average without suffering any Volt Drop. The cable measures 7mm x 3.5mm and sits between the SPT1 and SPT3 cable size.

The deluxe SPT2 plain cable system comprises of 10m, 25m and 50mtr cable drum sizes, plus female and male connectors. It is fully compatible with the entire range of Techmar lights, transformers and accessories. You will need to purchase a female connector for every light you need on the system. All 3 cable drums with a male connector to plug straight into one of our transformers. You can extend the cable or create a branch off the main cable run by using a female and male together, plus the extension cable. The cable can easily be cut to length and capped off using the end caps provided with each cable pack. If you want to join a brand new cable to an existing length then you will need a female connector, if you want to extend/add using an offcut of cable then you will need a male and female connector. If you would like to discuss our exclusive plain cable system in detail or would like some help planning your garden lighting, please call us on 01276 903 228 or email us on

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