Techmar cables are available in three forms: deluxe, standard and extension cables.

Standard cables come in set lengths from 8mtrs to 15mtrs and have preformed sockets at set distances. They also have a "lead in" on each cable, this is an amount of cable (4 or 5mtrs) before the first moulded connector. Cables can be plugged together to form longer lengths (max 60-80mtr), but when you join two cables end to end, please note that you use the last light connector position for this. The use of a 3 way divider (splitter) at this point will join the two cables together and allow you to plug one or two lights in as well. The majority of standard main cables come in SPT1 cable size. SPT1 can carry a maximum loading through it of 120w, SPT3 cable (bigger) and can carry up to 150w loading. If mixing the cables, it is good practice to keep the bigger SPT3 cables nearer the transformer and then follow on with SPT1 types. This is mainly applicable on longer systems of over 40mtr in length. Please click here for our cable guide

Deluxe cables are different as they are a plain SPT2 size cable that then uses a heavy duty clamp on female socket, this then gives you a socket to plug a light into or perhaps an extension cable etc. This gives you complete flexibility as you put the light connections points anywhere on the cable to suit your garden plan. Also, being a plain cable means that it will pull through ducting a lot easier. The maximum cable run is 60-80mtr and maximum loading is 150w. The deluxe cable system is much easier to plan and even easier to install than the standard cables. Simply run the cable around the areas that lights need to go, clamp on the female connectors and plug the lights in. The deluxe cable system is exclusive to us in the UK, manufactured for us by Techmar. 

Extension cables are simply designed to give you extra reach between the transformer and the start of your lighting as well as extra reach to get from your standard or deluxe cables to your lights. They are available in various lengths ranging from 1mtr to 10mtr in length. Again these can easily be plugged together to form longer lengths if required. 

All the above cable types are fully compatible with all the Techmar lights, lighting controls and accessories. Just choose the system that is best for you and pick the lights and transformer. 

We understand that this may be a lot to take in so if you need any help, call us on 01276 903 228. We have a very popular free Techmar garden cable design service.