Techmar Bundles

We have put together a very comprehensive range of ready to go bundles. They all include a set number of our best selling lights, a cable set and suitable transformer. All bundles allow for some expansion room later, but we also give you the option to upgrade the transformer to a larger one when selecting the bundle. You can also select a switching option to go with the bundle, i.e. a remote/receiver pack. 

Whilst some of the bundles may be slightly cheaper than the individual items, the intention was always just to make sure the bundle had everything you may need to get a plug and play lighting system in your garden. 

Our standard bundles come with a cable set that has pre-moulded connectors on to plug lights into. These cannot be moved, but please note that all lights also come with between 1-3 of attached cable. 

The Deluxe bundles all come with SPT2 plain cable and heavy duty clamp on female connectors. This makes installation even easier as you simply clamp on the female connectors wherever you want a light to go. 

We have also sourced some great value Ludeco bundles available in 3 & 6 light kits. They all include a UK plug transformer, cable and lights. They can be expanded to include more Ludeco lights and cables. The Ludeco lights have a built in connector that allows the light to be placed anywhere on the cable you wish. Ideal for smaller gardens and outdoor spaces.