Garden LED Floodlights 12v

12V Led garden floodlights are a very popular addition to the Techmar system. Whether you use them for lighting up a feature in your garden, a security light (when teamed up with a sensor) or even as a light above your bins or washing line, their versatility is endless. You can even put them away in summer and plug in something from our decorative lighting range ready to get them out again in winter. LED low voltage flood lights are also great to add lots more light from one source. You may want to highlight a larger tree or perhaps the front / side / back of the house.

The Benefits Of 12V Led Floodlights

So what's the benefit of 12V LED floodlights over halogen? Led technology now means that you can have lots more light for a lot less energy consumption. As all the range operate on a safe 12 volt transformer they are never going to be a problem to animals and people if the cable breaks by accident. 

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