Decorative Garden Lighting 12v

Techmar decorative garden lighting is slightly different then most of the lights in the Techmar range. Instead of being designed to light garden planting, features, outdoor walkways or paths, it's actually meant to be a decorative garden feature in it's own right.
Garden lights such as the Round 30 create beautiful decorative focal points in outdoor areas that would normally have no real design features of their own. This kind of decorative outdoor lighting is also perfect for adding focal points to decking and patios. If you have an inspection / manhole covers in your garden, using outdoor lighting such as the Techmar Oval 28 light that can easily be moved is a real bonus. Allowing you to hide these features but easily access them if needed.

Techmar Cables & Transformers

All Techmar garden lights except the Techmar lighting kits (which have them included) need a Techmar transformer. If you wish to have your lighting installed further away from the nearest plug socket. You will also need to purchase extension cables to reach your lights. Unlike other garden lighting, multiple lights can be added on to one Techmar transformer. As long as the total wattage of all your lights is less then the total wattage of your transformer, you will be fine.

Techmar Low Voltage Garden Lights

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