Techmar Garden Lights

Techmar garden lights are extremely easy and completely safe to install thanks to being 12V low voltage. Techmar garden lights is a true DIY garden lighting solution as all the cables, lights, transformers and accessories come complete with preformed plugs. Everything plugs together before simply plugging the whole system into a standard indoor or outdoor 3 pin plug socket. No wiring or electrical knowledge is required. Totally safe for children and animals.

Techmar UK Garden Light Stockists

We are only Techmar UK stockists that hold the complete Techmar garden lights range, including spares parts. A few retailers choose to supply orders direct from the manufacturer adding extra expense to the customer as well as long delivery times.

Techmar Garden Lights Installation

Techmar garden lights installation is simple. Choose your lights, add up the total wattage. Select a transformer with a higher wattage (remembering to leave some capacity should you wish to install more lights in the future). Then lastly measure out and select your cabling. If you need help with the cabling (many find this part the most difficult) we have a free Techmar cable design service.

We don't just sell boxes, we offer a complete service. Everything from offering advice, to helping our customers with technical issues, to complete lighting designs are available. So if you have any questions, no matter how silly you may think they are, please contact us today so we can help you.

Techmar Garden Lighting System - no wiring required